An innovative cloud-based system for collectives and emporiums

Designed to support both the shop owner and the individual stall holders, Collectivate streamlines the checkout process and automatically keeps sellers aware of what they've sold each day, saving shop owners potentially hours on reporting and tallying of figures by taking care of the communication for them.

It aims to virtually eliminate the need for recording sales via cashbooks.

Collectivate sales interface



Rolling 7 day comparison

Current week to last week

Week to Week

Month to Month


Maintain as many different stall holders as required (name, business, stall code, email address)

Maintainable list of shop staff. A staff member is anyone who is rostered on to manage the register during the week. Each sale logs the staff member who entered it.

Manage business information such as trading name, legal entity, week rollover and branding that will be placed on all PDF reports.

POS Entry

Multi-item sales.

Capture sale price, item description and stall holder code.

Supports payment methods: cash, card, EFT, voucher and combinations thereof.

Full support for lay-by sales and tracking of instalments.

Credit card surcharge handling.

Automatic Reporting

Daily stall holder sales sent to stall holders.

Weekly summary reports emailed to stall holders at end of week rollover.

Weekly shop report summary emailed to account holder at end of week rollover.

Ability to manually generate reports as needed.

POS Management

Full listing of ‘Today’s sales’ with cash, card, EFT, voucher sub totals and grand total for the day.

Full listing of every sale ever made with search facility.

Easy edit to previous sales data as needed.

Ability to enter back-dated sales.


Set a global / default commission rate that applies to all stall holders.

Commission rate may either be a percentage or fixed dollar value.

Set a custom commission rate on a stall holder by stall holder basis (that overrides the default rate).

Access Levels

Each account has two logins;

Full admin login that allows access to every section.

Staff login that restricts usage to just the dash board and POS entry for the current day.


Collectivate runs over SSL so all communication between your device and the server is encrypted.

Running off-site backups of sales data every 4 hours.


One standard price for all accounts

$21 AUD  / month


System Requirements

Collectivate is a web based system that runs from the cloud which is primarily designed for both desktop web browsers and tablets.


  • iPad generation 4 or later
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  • Google Nexus Tablet
  • A desktop computer
  • Any hardware used must have a minimum of 600x960 screen dimensions


  • iPad must be capable of running iOS 11 or later
  • Android tablets must be capable or running the latest (or very recent) version of Android OS
  • For Android tablets only 'Google Chrome for Android' is supported as a web browser.
  • Desktop computers must be capable of running the latest version of Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
While there is nothing stopping you attempting to run the program on older devices or via a small smart phone please note that your milage may vary and we only attempt to support what is listed above.

Interested in Trialing Collectivate?

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